In the Woodchuck Program we have two sets of insurance products to meet your client’s needs:

  • Logging Operations or Forestry Contractors
  • Portable Sawmills

We can also entertain large sawmill risks through our London facilities

Program Eligibility

  • Portable Sawmills, logging operations, owners & operators
  • Equipment must meet Canadian standards (i.e. CSA approved equipment)
  • Homemade equipment is subject to Insurer approval
  • Road Construction of private logging roads only, no public road construction (can consider outside of the program)
  • Equipment must have a regular maintenance program in place

Special Features

  • Replacement cost endorsement is automatic for 36 months
  • No Muskeg exclusion for Portable Sawmill premier wording
  • Forest fire expense coverage included at no extra charge for
    Portable Sawmills and available for Logging and Forestry Contractors
  • Coverage for older Woods Equipment Available
  • Commercial General Liability is available
  • All Risk Coverage Available for Portable Sawmills and Woods Equipment
  • Coverage available for Home-made, electric or solar Kilns
  • Please note that we cannot write automobile insurance in our Woodchuck Program