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General FAQ

The Broker Portal is an online platform designed specifically for our Canadian brokers to manage their accounts, quote, bind and issue new policies, download automatic renewal documents and view clients’ policies in real time.

  • To register for the Broker Portal, please head to the Agile Website at agileuw.ca
  • Click “Portal Products – Log in” in the top right-hand corner.
  • Click on the Yellow Login button.
  • On the new webpage, create your account.
  • If your office already has an Administrator, they can do this setup for you!

To set up an Admin User for your broker please contact Agile at programswest@agileuw.ca, there can be more than 1 for your brokerage!

Yes! With the Admin Functionality for your brokerage, you can view, access and edit all quotes and policies for your team, including support for your teams’ sign-ups to the portal!

On the Broker Portal, you can submit new quotes, bind policies, automatically save quotes in progress, access renewal documents, and cancel and endorse policies at your fingertips!

To begin a new quote for your client head to the home page and browse our available product suites. Click “get a quote” to begin your new application.

No, our policies and quotes are not associated with one individual. Any team member within your brokerage and/or branch can view the quotes and policies. You won’t need to transfer an account to another member of your team if they are working with you on an account.

You can reach out to our team via programswest@agileuw.ca and our team will be in contact with you!

No, not at this moment in time, but we’ll let you know if this changes!

If you forget your password, you can reset it by clicking on the “Forgot Password” link on the login page. Follow the instructions to reset your password securely. You will need to know your office Postal Code to complete the password reset. Reach out to your Administrator if you don’t know what it is.

We have our Broker Portal FAQ document here, and some PDF job aids. Tutorial Videos will be on the way soon. If you have any specific training questions or inquiries, please contact Agile at programswest@agileuw.ca

No, coverage can be bound same day or future day. If you started a quote previously you will not be able to backdate coverage.

You can quote or bind policies up to 90 days in advance.

All our products on the portal have 12-month policy lengths.

Yes! You can bind policies to a specific branch within your brokerage without changing your default. While building your quote, just after selecting the effective date browse the branch applicable to the policy from the dropdown list.

Once you’ve created the client/insured information on the first page of the quote, you can save and exit at any time to return to where you left off!

Discounts are automatically applied within the quote based on the answers provided in the underwriting application.

Yes! You can quote more than one location or risk under the same policy for that same product. For example, you can quote more than one RV under the RV product. You cannot quote a motorcycle and an RV on the same policy; however, this would be 2 separate policies.

This means that there is something within the quote itself or underwriting application details that our team needs to review in more detail. Our team will be in direct contact with you via email directly, once you click the “Refer to Underwriter” button at the bottom of the final quote page.

As much relevant information as possible will help our underwriting team review your application. It could be that there was an answer in the underwriting details mistakenly input or we need to review in more detail. Any information and attachments you have is helpful!

All up to date commissions are noted on your final quote!

Within the final step of building your quote, you can download the “quote schedule” via PDF and generate an email from your own inbox to your client. A complete set of policy wordings will also be available to download at that time as well.

There is no requirement for the client to sign before you can bind the quote.

No! you do not need to ever duplicate your quotes or start over; you can head to the find client button on the homepage or the back button if you’re still within the quote itself.

No, the policy will not automatically cancel. This completes a request to our underwriting team to review, process and be in touch to confirm the cancellation outside of the portal. You will always need to contact the team at programswest@agileuw.ca if you need a cancellation to be backdated.

YES! Click “find client” on the home screen and search for your insured via name, postal code, policy number or quote number. Click “new quote” to include a second policy line – there could be multiple policy discounts applied!

No, you can add, amend, remove coverage, change locations, add named insureds, or remove and a lot more all within the portal itself!

Although our underwriting team is well-versed in these products, we’ve created this effortless portal to transact online! We highly recommend giving it a try.

This means our team is working to digitalize this in the future or it’s too complex to underwrite and bind online at this moment. You can head to agileuw.ca to view all our product offerings and contact your regional underwriting team directly!

You can retrieve your renewal policy documents 45 days before expiry and will be available under the “renewals” tab in the portal. Agile does not email the policy documents to your insured automatically, you will need to download the documents and send them via your broker email to your insured.

If the policy is in Obtained status you can make changes that will be reflected in the Renewal documents. If your Renewal has already been Accepted, you can make those changes as an endorsement to the new Policy Term.

If a policy was renewed in our old portal “CPLUS”, all the policy documents must be retrieved from that website. They will not be available in the new Portal. All policy documents for future transactions including endorsements and future renewals will be available in our new Portal.

  • Live: Policy was accepted and is in-force.
  • Obtained: Quotes and Renewals that have been rated and are available to bind. Quote documents can be viewed or sent over via email.
  • Accepted: At 45 days before expiry, if clear of referrals, the policy renewal will automatically be “Accepted”. If you want to make a change to the policy, you would be processing it as an endorsement. Policy documents can also be viewed or sent over via email.
  • Referred: New Business quote or Renewal has triggered one or more referral reasons, and the quote must be sent to the underwriter. The quote can still be viewed, cancelled, updated, and the documents can be sent over via email.
  • Pending: New Business Quote or Renewal was manually started and is partially saved. The quote can be resumed or cancelled.

Yes! If you click any bullet or stage on the top menu bar of your quote you will be able to be brought to that specific section.