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Manufactured Home FAQ

Within the Agile Broker Portal you and your team can quote and bind Manufactured Home Risks up to $275,000 in value. Anything over will be a referral to our underwriting team!

Once the quote details have been entered and submitted to Agile you can click on Amend Limits which will allow you to increase the Detached Structures and/or Personal Property limits if required. Our policy automatically includes a percentage of your Dwelling Limits for each coverage. 10% for Detached Structures and 75% for Personal Property on NP forms and 100% on Comprehensive form.

Our Manufactured home product is eligible for risks purchased in an individual or corporation! If in a company name, you can add in the field when selecting ‘company’ as the named insured.

On the second page you will have the ability to add another named insured to be listed on the policy. If you need to add an Additional Insured with respect to Personal Property or Liability you can add that within the Additional Interest tab.

If after you’ve entered the postal code into the search field the incorrect address appears you can click “EDIT” on the mailing address to override manually. This is only recommended if you are 100% of the correct address as this is verified through Canada Post.

If you type “no previous insurer” into the field, the drop down will appear to choose and select from.

No problem, you can select “other” from the drop-down options!

You can still proceed with obtaining a quote and binding it online if all the other underwriting application details fit the eligibility criteria. However, there won’t be any specific discounts applied, such as claims free. Our claims free discount only applies if they have had 5 years of continuous insurance with no losses.

You can edit the physical address for the manufactured home on step 4 of building the quote!

Yes! You can include as much detail of the risk as possible and apply a % of the total amount of that construction to the quote.

No, these are marked optional as they are not required to quote. We may need more information upon binding or provide the most accurate coverage and rates with more details about the client and the risk.

Yes, you can include as many items as necessary to schedule from the list in the drop-down.

This could be an additional insured, lessor, lienholder, mortgagee (financial or other) or a loss payee to be listed on the policy.

This is a temporary step in our new portal and will require you to email our Agile – Broker Portal Team to bind offline at programswest@agileuw.ca very shortly you will be able to quote, bind and issue online via our portal!

Currently, this product is available to quote, bind and issue online for all risks located in British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba. If you are a broker located outside these provinces you are eligible to quote and bind the product via our portal if the risk itself is in the provinces listed above. Don’t worry – this product will be expanded to other provinces soon!