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Recreational Vehicle FAQ

Within our Agile Broker Portal you are eligible to quote and bind up to $150,000, anything over this limit would trigger a referral to our underwriting team.

Yes, specifically Utility Trailers or Stock Trailers would not fit the appetite.

Yes, the quote will referred to our underwriting team if the RV is if over 40’ for pull type trailers and over 28’ for motorhomes.

Currently, this product is available to quote, bind and issue online for all risks located in British Columbia and Alberta. If you are a broker located outside these provinces you are eligible to quote and bind the product via our portal if the risk itself is in the provinces listed above. Don’t worry – this product will be expanded to other provinces soon!

Our RV product is eligible for risks purchased by an individual or corporation! If in a company name, you can add in the field when selecting ‘company’ as the named insured.

No, these are marked optional as they are not required to quote. We may need more information upon binding or provide the most accurate coverage and rates with more details about the client and the risk.

On the second page you will have the ability to add another named insured to be listed on the policy.

If after you’ve entered the postal code into the search field the incorrect address appears you can click “EDIT” on the mailing address to override manually. This is only recommended if you are 100% of the correct address as this is verified through Canada Post.

You can edit the physical address for the manufactured home on step 4 of building the quote!

This will automatically provide a multi-policy discount to your client to show our appreciation if your client has another in force policy with Agile.

Yes, the package and coverage options available are automatically adjusted based on the year the RV entered for all eligible risks.

Within the steps indicated in the application details, you will be able to amend the contents and/or detached structures for the RV and trailer coverage.

The limits that are included will vary depending on the coverage and package type the risk is eligible for.

Supreme & Peace of Mind – $10,000 Personal Property and $5,000 Detached Structures Budget – $2,500 Personal Property and $2,500 Detached Structures