Day Liability


This program is designed for temporary tenant leases and provides affordable coverage for:

  • Mall Displays,
  • Short Term and Temporary Kiosk Displays

Why a Day Liability Program?

Temporary tenant leases insist that all tenants give proof that they are insured for basic liability coverage. Many temporary tenants simply do not have a permanent liability policy. They must purchase liability insurance by the day. This can be costly and for many it isn’t worth it to enter a mall for a weekend to general sales and promote their business.

Insurance Certificates

Liability insurance is sold “by the day”. The Certificate of Insurance provides coverage for the exact duration of the tenant’s stay. Agile will fax the certificate to the Mall of choice if the fax number is provided. If Sales are going well and the tenant wants to extend their coverage, the change is only one fax away.

Eligible Risks

  • Most information/promotion or display booths
  • Arts, crafts & woodworking items
  • Bake sale tables
  • Sales of produce & flowers
  • Sales of cd, dvd or video game
  • Sales of small giftware items, clothing, jewelry & makeup
  • Sales of hobby items, cards
  • Raffle ticket & other fundraising sales of charity

Ineligible Risks

  • Tattoos & Piercing
  • Inflatable displays & “bouncy” castles
  • Displays featuring cooking or the use fire